About Faith-Building Missions-Faith Building Missions

Our Mission


 At Faith-Building Missions, our goal is to establish and build faith in Jesus Christ in the lives of the poor, broken, and hungry worldwide. 

To many, this may sound like an unattainable goal. The truth is that - by dreaming big - we challenge ourselves to work in a way that would not place limits on our abilities as servants of God. 

With faith that only the Lord can accomplish such a task, we strive to be His hands and feet in order to help build the Kingdom of God through our service and love to others.

We hope to do this by partnering with other believers (like you!) to meet basic spiritual and physical needs, as prompted by the Holy Spirit. By doing so, we pray that God will build your faith in the process.

[Jesus] replied,... "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."
- Matthew 17:19-21

 Practical ways in which we work toward our mission:

We have broken down our areas of ministry focus into the following sections.

• Send - We form, equip, and send short-term and long-term teams out into the mission field.
• Serve - With each team that we send out, we emphasize that our mission is to serve those in need.
• Support - We also work to partner with local missionaries to help further the efforts in their local communities.  

History of FBM


Faith Building Missions all started with a trip to Guatemala in the winter of 2006 by two brothers, Dean Siler and Dennis Siler...

"As a preliminary step we wanted to look around to find a place of physical and spiritual need. Through looking online we came across the organization called, "His Ministries," and met up with one of their missionaries, Brian Sears, in Kentucky. Speaking with Brian, we heard of the needs in Guatemala and strongly felt the need to go down there and meet the people in person. 

First, went to Belize and met with a few of the native Christians in that area, but we soon realized the greater needs in the mountains of Guatemala. In Guatemala, we went to the small city of Chiquimula and met up with Pastor Oasis, a native Guatemalan and local pastor. We talked with him and, after seeing the many needs, decided to provide him with ongoing financial support. 

After staying in Chiquimula for a short time we traveled to San Juan Ermita. There, we helped previously mentioned missionary Brian Sears by working on his house. During our time there, Brain revealed to us a lot of the needs in the area. 

In a lot of ways, this trip may sound like just a series of events strung together. But it was SO much more. Through seeing the many needs (both simple and complex) of people a fire was sparked inside Dean's heart to do everything he could do serve the needy, and to further the kingdom of God, worldwide. 

What We Believe


 As a ministry we have written down our beliefs in their most basic form in order that they might be understandable for those young and old, schooled and unschooled. 

For a more in-depth statement of faith, please contact us.

- We believe that the Bible is the Living Word of God and that it contains foundational truth to direct our lives.

- We believe that God exists in three persons - the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.

- We believe that God sent his Son, Jesus, to earth to die and rise again in order that He might redeem whomever might repent of their sin and call on Him as Lord and Savior.

- We believe that the Holy Spirit lives in each person who has accepted Christ.

- We believe that Christ has called us, who have accepted Him, to go out into the world and share His offer of salvation to those who need it. 

Who We Are

 "Thanks for visiting the site - we are so thankful for your prayers and the support you give to this ministry. We would be delighted to have you partner with us in whatever way is possible for you - whether that be through prayer, a short-term or long-term missions trip, the organization of a trip for your church and/or financially. 

We desire to give God ALL the glory for ALL that is done through this ministry and we pray that our small efforts may be used to build His Kingdom."
-Dean Siler, Director 

Team FBM


President:............................Rachal Siler
Treasurer/Marketing.......Rev. Jim Burns
Secretary:...........................Karin Siler
Ministry Advisor:..................Debra Burns
Administrative Assistants:.....Ray and Kelly Siler
Director:.............................Dean Siler

Team Leaders......................Jonathon and Hannah Siler