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Tent Revivals with Jason Crab, JJ Weeks & Randy & Sherri Miller 

Eating off the floor


 It was fun to go to Mexico because I learned a lot about Mexican culture and how they live. They live in cardboard boxes.

 A lady owned a kitchen and fed 40 to 100 children every day at lunch time. We went everyday except one day. We saw little kids eating off the floor and off other peoples plates. 

It was very cool to see how they pray for their food.They sing a very long song in spanish. They take their GOD very seriously when it comes to thanking HIM for their food. 

Every night we went to the church to eat dinner. I think my favorite meal was the green chicken that we had after church on Sunday. 

 I thank everyone who supported me. I hope GOD allows me to go back. I also thank Faith Building Missions for allowing me to be a part of this amazing experience.

B. Gore 

Meeting Needs - Guatemala


 As a first step in ministry of Faith Building Missions we wanted to look around to find a place of physical and spiritual need. Through looking online we came across the organization His Ministries and met up with one of their missionaries Brian Sears in Kentucky.  Speaking with Brian, we heard of the needs in Guatemala and felt the need to go down there and meet the people for ourselves.  

 We first went to Belize and met with a few of the native Christians in that area, but soon we realized the greater need in the mountains in Guatemala.  In Guatemala we went to the small city of Chickumala and met up with Pastor Oasis, a native Guatemalan and local pastor. We talked with him and after seeing his need decided to provide him with ongoing financial support.  

 After staying in Chickumala for a short time we went to San Juan Ermita. There we helped missionary Brian Sears by working on his house.  During our time there, Brain revealed to us a lot of the needs in the area.  He introduced us to the traveling Pastor Lopez.  



   God is FAITHFUL.

 Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to all; I went to serve God and to help His people and to reach out to those who don't yet know HIM. Before going I was not prepared for what I was going to see or how GOD was going to work in my heart and llife through this trip. I was blessed so much more that I ever could have given. From the time we left I was encouraged and built up in our most Holy Faith by all those I was traveling with and those we met in El Paso and in Mexico. For me each person had a testimony of our Lord and a heart to serve. Being able to witness their faith and walk with GOD was special and the WORD of GOD was being shared by all, through out the trip. 

 Also to see our younger brothers and sisters in the LORD serving at such a early age blessed me greatly. Seeing them share themselves, verses, their hearts as well as witnessing to each other just made me PRAISE the LORD! It's good to look back and see God at work in the lives of the people we went to minister to and see the many projects done during that time. Seeing the families in need and being able to help them. Seeing the church and the pastor his wife and their twenty children. Seeing the work going on with the Tar Hari Indians and with the Lilfe Challenge Intermational. How God is FAITHFULL reaching out to those in need. He is truly worthy of ALL our Praise. When I was at the church one of the llittle girls was going around to us and telling us Thank You for coming to help us. 

 That was very special and her thanks really goes to God first. It is HIS love that caused us to go and His providing for all that was done. I thank HIM for all that went on the trip. May our Great God continue to Bless you!

M. Batchelder  



 The Lord can do BIG things

Praise the Lord for keeping us safe & all in working harmony! Sometimes we can have reservations about others coming into our group, but when we all have the same goal in our hearts, the LORD can do BIG things. What we share here in words and pictures I pray will give you just a taste of what we were able to do in the Lord's name. That it might encourage you to keep that passion for serving "HIM"! In what ever He may lay upon your hearts.  

 Yes, the trip was a very long ride but the fellowship we have all shared you just can not put into words. You really get to know someone when your in the car with them for 30 hours. We stayed up late most of the time just talking, fellowshipping, & getting to know each other better. And getting up early to do our jobs! 

 Acts 1:8 But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

K. Siler 



 Cardboard Houses

 Faith Building Missions, along with Ocean View Baptist Church, NC , Anchor Baptist Church SC, Taylorsville Bible Chaple, NC and Christian Fellowship Church of Taylorsville, NC took a mission trip to Juarez Mexico on December 28th, 2007 to January 5th, 2008. Faith Building Missions has partnered up with Life Challenge International. They were our contact there in Juarez. 

 One story I would like to share is one of a family, who lives in a cardboard house. That is, their home is made from cardboard. The wife and mother of four is dying of cancer with no medicine to help her. The husband and father works at a job but their pay is nothing like here. You ony get like 60 to 80 dollars for a week's work. He started to build them a block house--10' x 12'. They could only afford a few blocks at a time. The Lord blessed us at the time of our mission trip to be able to finish the walls, windows, door and cement floor. PRAISE GOD another group, from Living Waters Bible Camp was able to put the roof on that new home so they can live there. 

 While we (myself and my son) were laying the blocks. We noticed that the woman, in much pain, would look out at how it was coming a long...... and just the smile on her face is one I will never forget. --

 D. Siler